Derek C.

Greg is a class act and a great realtor to work with. He has extensive market knowledge, years of experience, and, most importantly, he cares about his clients. Finding your home is not a task that can be trusted to anyone. After all, it’s where you are going to live. We were very happy that we trusted Greg with this responsibility, and feel that you will be in good hands as well.

Charles R.

Greg is BY A MILLION MILES the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with. Smart, calm, extremely thorough and hard-working, and a total pleasure to deal with, we hardly had to lift a finger to complete the best real estate deal of our lives. He did everything to our total satisfaction. If there was an option to give him six stars, or ten stars, I would.

Cristina C.R.

I don’t live in DC., Greg made it so easy and comfortable for me to purchase a Beautiful Condo that have not yet visited… Greg is so nice enough to stop by to check on my property every so often that he is in the area. So grateful - great man- great team!

Katie P.

Greg Doherty is a great real estate agent to work with. He really knows his way around Virginia, D.C. and Maryland. I especially enjoy his appreciation and knowledge of historical homes and architecture. Greg is incredibly thoughtful and patient when helping his clients. Thank you for helping me out!

Work With Greg

Greg is great at helping sellers maximize ROI on their house by suggesting upgrades, painting, and staging, along with implementing innovative marketing. He helps buyers identify what it is they really want and need in a home, and once they’ve found ‘the one,’ present an offer that will win in a competitive environment.

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